"Sail4Employment" wants to use the sea as a resource for new business ideas

AJITER's new Erasmus+ project places young people onboard a sailboat in Tenerife to help them find inspiration for new business ideas from the sea. To promote the potential of the sea for the creation of new tourist services by young people is the main theme of the most recent Erasmus+ project by AJITER - Terceira Island Youth Association, which was presented today to journalists and local entities at the Marina in the city of Angra do Heroísmo. The presentation was held in the context of an international meeting that is taking place in Angra, on the 18th and 19th of February. 

The project is called “SAIL4Employment” and is financed by the community program for youth mobility, Erasmus+, through the National Youth in Action Agency. This is an innovative initiative because, despite being part of the short-term projects modality, it was designed in order to have more than one target audience and act on several fronts to achieve the proposed results. Specifically, the international partnership that is implementing the project, under the coordination of AJITER, aims to stimulate and facilitate in young people the entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to understand a common resource as a valuable source of income. To reach these young people, the project also provides for the training of so-called youth workers. 

They will then be the ones to work with young people and help them along their own learning path. The international partnership is made up of the AJITER partners, from Portugal, the Sail Training Association of Latvia, the Italian Associazione Europalmente, the Finnish SNUPU and the Spanish ATYLA. As a project strongly focused on the sea, three of the “SAIL4Employment” partners are associations that base their work on education onboard teaching sailboats. 

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ATYLA, SNUPU and STALatvia have boats where they carry out various projects to teach young people to sail, but also to respect the discipline that is necessary for life on board. During the presentation, the representative of the Latvian partner, Sintija Lase, and co-creator of the project, explained that the initiative is based on methods and dynamics of non-formal education and has three main phases: a preparatory meeting, currently taking place in Terceira island; a training course, or an adult training, which takes place in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), onboard the association's boat, the “Spaniel”, and where youth workers will learn more about the potential of the sea and how they can help young people in their communities to find them; finally, in a third phase, taking place again on the island of Terceira, these animators will join a group of 27 NEET young people (young people who are not part of the education, training or work systems) to help them create innovative ideas for new tourist services using the sea. 

Décio Santos, president of AJITER, highlighted during the presentation the innovative nature of the project. For the representative, this is an initiative with great potential to cause positive effects for young people, but also because it opens the local community to a wide range of new opportunities for future partners focused on the development of the sea as a tourist resource. He also stressed that this will be a unique opportunity for the participants, who will be able to live an enriching experience on board and accompanied by a highly qualified team. 

After the preparation meeting, the project will be continued by the partners, with an expected duration of eight months. As for the next phase, the training course in Tenerife will have 12 participants and will take place from the 30th of March, extending until the 6th of April. More information about "SAIL4Employment" and other AJITER projects are constantly updated through the association's social networks, and also through the website, 

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