Social Entrepreneurship Integrated with AR and Rural Youth (Social Youth)

The “Social Entrepreneurship Integrated with AR and Rural Youth” project (Rural Youth) aims at bringing together primarily, disadvantaged Youth (NEETs) with secondary TG, SMEs active in the rural tourism sector, in a collaboration to create new external touristic services and products by the youth and implemented in the SMEs. 

Through a cooperation methodoly, the necessary training resources, an implementation methodoly and a learning framework, the partners aim at enabling and/or up-skill youth workers and rural youth, to foster their entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, especially in social entrepreneurship, while offering them valuable digital competences in cutting edges technologies (AR) with a great potential for application in rural tourism services. The youth will in turn, create alternative touristic services and products, suitable for the SMEs.

All information about the project will be updated on its official page, at

The project started in February 2020, in a preparation meeting held on Terceira Island, with the participation of representatives of the international partnership:
 . AJITER (Portugal);
 . Social Cooperative Company Drosostalida (Greece);
 . APOPSI SA (Romania);
 . Grupo Tatis SRL (Italy);
 . European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs AISBL (Belgium).


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